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Corporate Social Responsibility

The interior climate and the environment have been high priorities of the HC Groep for years. The issue is how we can optimise the climate with minimum CO2 emissions. The step to Corporate Social Responsibility was therefore not such a big one. Based on an environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001, our environmental burden has systematically become visible and manageable.

HC Groep New building

In 2010, the HC Groep decided to combine 4 of our offices in one new office building with production facilities in Waalwijk. Sustainability was the guiding principle from design right through to all later decisions regarding building materials, climate installations, controllability, green energy facility, power management, lighting and the interior. Wherever possible, we chose materials and products that are in line with Cradle to Cradle or reuse. Even with the new servers, we chose a solution that almost halves the power consumption. By merging the 4 office locations, the HC Groep can work more efficiently, whilst reducing the CO2 footprint of the vehicle fleet by more than 15%. We will be happy to welcome you in our office in Waalwijk from May 2012 and show you our sustainable equipment and choices.

Sustainable systems

For the purposes of sustainability, in 2010 the HC Groep launched the HC VERDE product line. A line of environmentally aware, energy-efficient, sustainable products and concepts originating from all the business units within the HC Groep. To be able to optimally respond to the issue of sustainability and stay up to date, the HC Groep became a member of the US Green Building Council, and joined the Dutch Green Building Council in 2011. This is one of the reasons why the HC Groep, with its products and system solutions, can make a significant contribution to helping clients achieve a maximum score in the BREEAM or LEED certification. A good example of this is our contribution to the TNT office building in Hoofddorp with the LEED Platinum certification. This building was named the most sustainable office building in Europe in 2011. The Dutch Heart Foundation in The Hague was the first building in the Netherlands to obtain the BREEAM Excellent label. The HC Groep contributed substantially to these sustainable buildings from all the companies in the HC Groep.

Social Commitment

The HG Groep has worked for many years with various schools and different areas of education. The students from these schools come to the different companies of the HC Groep to obtain practical knowledge and experience. The HC Groep has been designated an Approved Work Placement Company for various courses. This has also resulted in several trainees being employed by the HC Groep. The HC Groep also cooperates with sheltered employment organisations to offer them a good chance in our society as well.

Social commitment over the border

In October 2011, the HC Groep participated in a construction trip to the environs of Mexico City. Besides our financial contribution to enable the construction of 2 dwellings, one of our board members personally went to Mexico to help actually build these houses. The aim of the construction trip, organised by the foundation Stichting Bouwreizen in collaboration with Homeplan Nederland (www.homeplan.nl)), was to help give people in slums a roof over their heads. Together with the local organisation Un techo para mi pais (A roof for my country) decisions are made about where and for whom the homes are built.

Students and the future occupants help work on the homes, but what also grows is the trust in one's fellow man and the future. The HC Groep chose this form of social commitment because it has seen with its own eyes that this not only works in the short term, but also in the long term. The organisational costs are only 8.9%, so that practically the entire financial contribution benefits the people who need it so badly. The nice thing too is that the HC Groep can contribute to society from its own background in construction.