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Active worldwide

The HC Groep is active in a world that does not end at the Dutch borders. So it is not surprising that we have already been operating on the international market for quite some time with our range of pioneering products and services. Our export markets keep us constantly informed of the latest international developments. This knowledge is not only shared with clients, but also forms the basis for the continuous updating and optimisation of our product lines.

Through their distributors and agents, both HC Barcol-Air and HC PS not only supply products, but also support in system design. The countries and regions in which we operate are shown on the world map below. This extensive international network enables the HC Groep to support you nearly anywhere in the world with products and systems for car parks, tunnels and air distribution technology.

More than anyone else, the HC Groep realises that the market is continually changing. That is why we are constantly exploring new markets. We chose our distributors and agents with the greatest of care. After all, they have to offer the same quality expected of us by our clients in the Netherlands. The cooperation with these partners not only affects acquisition but also extends to the performance of projects, intensive training and optimal support. Thus the international power of the HC Groep is combined with the expertise of the local market.

Do you have any specific questions about our services in a country or region where you have a project? If so, contact the export department of HC Barcol-Air or HC PS.